1035. Alexander STEPHENS Jr.(5568) (773)(774) (775) was born on 13 Apr 1813 in Rowan Co., NC. (5569) He died on 15 Sep 1894 in Wilson, Weber County, Utah. (5570) Alexander was in the Mormon Battalion 1846-47. He was at Ft. Leavenworth where they entered the U.S. Army and marched to California under Captain Allen. After Captain Allen's death the company was commanded by a Colonel Cooke. Upon arrival in January 1847, Colonel Cooke wrote and read before the battalion the following:

"History may be searched in vain for an equal march of Infantry. Half of it has been through a wilderness where nothing but savages and wild beasts are found, or deserts where, for want of water, there is no living creature. There with almost hopeless labor we have dug deep wells, which the future travelers will enjoy, without a guide who had traveled them, we have ventured into trackless table-lands where water was not found for several marches.
With crowbars and pick and axe in hand, we have worked our way over mountains, which seemed to defy aught save wild goats, and hewed a passage through a chasm of living rock more narrow than our wagons. To bring these first wagons to the Pacific, thus marching half-naked, and living upon wild animals, we have discovered and made a road of great value to our country."

Discharged from the U.S. Infantry in July 1847 at San Diego, Alexander, with others of the battalion, left California in the spring of 1848 to join the Mormons who were now living in the Great Salt lake valley. It was there he married his second wife and had a daughter. In the Indian Wars of 1855 he received a wound from which he suffered until his death in 1894.

Margaret NORTHAM (773)(774) (775) died on 13 May 1832 in Davidson County, North Carolina. (5571) Died in childbirth. Alexander STEPHENS Jr. and Margaret NORTHAM had the following children:

child+2548 i. Ebenezer STEPHENS.

He was married to Mary NORTHAM about 1839.

He was married to Anna Eliza PALMER about 1853 in Utah.(5572) Anna Eliza PALMER(773) (774)(775) was born on 27 Aug 1833 in Wyoming County, New York. (5573) She died on 1 Mar 1904 in Duboise, Clark County, Idaho. (5574) Alexander STEPHENS Jr. and Anna Eliza PALMER had the following children:

child+2549 i. Adelia Ann STEPHENS.
child+2550 ii. Abraham Alexander STEPHENS.
child+2551 iii. Coriantumr STEPHENS.
child2552 iv. Benjamin Franklin STEPHENS(774) (775) was also known as "Frank". (2561)

He was married to Agnes ROGERS. Agnes ROGERS(774) (775) died on 10 Nov 1891 in Huntsville, Weber, Utah.

He was married to Alice Eliza HARDMAN on 4 Feb 1892 in Wilson, Weber County, Utah. (2561) Alice Eliza HARDMAN (774)(775) was born on 29 Jul 1836 in Manchester, England.(2561) She died on 2 Jan 1906 in Osmond, Lincoln, Wyoming. (2561)