2808. James BOWLBY (11394) (11395)(1406) (5)(6) (7)(8) Photo was born on 11 Dec 1842 in Southwold Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. (11396) He died on 6 Oct 1890 in Metcalf Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.(11397) He was buried in Kilmartin Cemetery, Mesa Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. (11398) Kilmartin Cemetery is in Middlesex County, Ontario, Kilmartin
is in Middlesex County, Ontario.

He was married to Mary Ellis REMEY (daughter of Abraham REMEY) on 31 Dec 1868 in Lambeth, Westminster, Ontario, Canada.(11399) Mary Ellis REMEY(11400) (11401)(1406) (5)(6) (7)(8) Photo was born on 10 Feb 1845 in Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. She died on 8 Dec 1908 in Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan. (2739)(11402) Mrs. Mary Aker

Mrs. Mary Aker died at Beaverton, Dec. 8, of pneumonia. Mrs. Aker was
born in Canada, Feb. 10, 1845, and was married to James Boulby, Dec.
31, 1868, to whom two children were born. Mrs. Hillman of Beaverton
and Oliver Dewit Boulby. Her first husband died in 1891 and in 1907
she married Mr. Aker, who with three brothers and two children survive
her. She had been a member of the M. E. church since 1860. Funeral
was held at the M. E. church, Beaverton, Friday. She was buried in Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan.(11403) The following was copied from Mary Ellis Remey's bible on 8 June 1996
by my mother-in-law, Florence Marie Kiessel Bowlby. This is entered
by Cynthia Marie Katzman Bowlby December., 1999.

Mary Ellis Remey
Born February 10th 1845 Westminster Canada West
Married to James Bowlby December 31 1868 by H. Lock Lambeth
Jams born December the 11 1842
James died October the 6 1890

Abromy Remey born October the 22 1818
Lucinda Remey or Ellwood born January 4th 1818
Cecelia Born June 30 1843
Mary Ellis February the 10 1845
Edway Alonso July 28 1846
Garner Ellwood March 19 1848
Alva Burbon May 31 1849
Bentley A. September 16 1851
Joseph Luther July 17 1853
A Remey married September the 7 1842 to L Ellwood, North Street

Bought in the year 1860 in Lobo January 1860
(has a braid of Mary Ellis Remey's hair)

A present to Oliver D. Bowlby from his mother M.E. Bowlby
below is posted a poem
mothers gift - the Bible

Note: Uncle Will died Feby 5th 1929 (Wm. Bowlby) James BOWLBY and Mary Ellis REMEY had the following children:

child+5087 i. Sarah Lucinda BOWLBY(11404) (1406)(5) (6)(7) (8) was born on 7 Oct 1869 in Southwold, Elgin County, Ontario.(11405) She died on 2 Jun 1938 in Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan. (11406) She was also known as Sadie. (11407)
child+5088 ii. Oliver Dewitt BOWLBY(11408) (11409) (1406)(5) (6)(7) (8) Photo was born on 12 Apr 1877 in Metcalf Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. (11410) He died on 3 Jan 1935 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. (11411) He was buried in Forest Lawn Cenetery, Detroit, MI.(11412) He was a in Jeweler, Optometrist, +. Oliver was a jeweler, optometrist, and watch inspector for the
Canadian Railroad. Each of his children was born in a different place
in Canada before the family moved to the US in 1915. In 1918, Oliver
moved to Detroit, MI so that his children could complete their
education. Oliver belonged to many lodges and organizations.

He started the family history that has been extended by his grand
daughter-in-law, Florence Marie Kiessel Bowlby and now continued by
his great grand daughter-in-law, Cynthia Marie Katzman Bowlby (me).