In Memory of Our Kind, Loving, and generous Cousin

Eva Kendall Bowlby
(1864 - 1957)

Carhart Loving, Dorothy Katherine, and Eva (Kendall) Bowlby

Maddy Hume has researched and shared with us this lovely article about Eva K. Bowlby, a generous, educationally minded, and child oriented ancestor who chose to become a Bowlby by marriage, and honor us all by her donation of the Bowlby Public Library in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.  We gratefully acknowledge the Library's contribution to our efforts and specifically, those efforts of Diana Blair.

The Eva K. Bowlby Public Library

Dear Family Members,

I would like to dedicate this page to Eva Kendall Bowlby.

This lady was a very remarkable person.  She was very knowledgeable, kind, generous, and loved children.  Her cousin, Sara I. Scott,  wrote about her after she died so there would be a record about her.  Eva's obituary reads:

Mrs. Bowlby Dies, age 93

"Waynesburg, Aug. 18 -  Mrs. Eva K. Bowlby, 93. well known resident of Waynesburg, died at her home, 311 N. W. St. at 9:30 a.m.  Saturday Aug 17, 1957.  Her death followed a long illness.  Her husband Carhart H. Bowlby died in 1937.  They were married November 24, 1891.  Mrs. Bowlby was born Dec. 24, 1864, at Jefferson, Pa a daughter of John G. and Catherine Grimm Kendall.  She resided most of her life in Waynesburg, Pa.

She was the oldest member of the First Methodist Church of Waynesburg and of theW.S.C.S. of the church and had personally sponsored various Methodist Church Missions throughout the world.  Her philanthropic contributions to various organizations and individuals were extensive.

She was a past president of the W.C.T.M.  She had also been a president of the Pleasant Hour Club of Wayneburg for 50 years and was also a member of the Polly Wayne Garden club of Waynesburg.

Surviving are one daughter, Dorothy, wife of Roy Connor, one granddaughter, Jane, wife of Floyd Wiseman, of Tutherford Acres, Pittsburgh, twin grandchildren and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Friend of Mrs. Eva Bowlby are being received at her late home 311 West St. where funeral services will be conducted at 2p.m. Tuesday August 20, by Rev. Ronald Moseley.  Burial in Green Mount Cemetery.  Wm W. Garrison Funeral Home, Waynesburg, Pa."

Eva loved children and loved education.  As we can see by the obituary she was involved in her community and church all her life.  The following was written in honor of her.  There is no title or author listed to give the credit.

"Booksy Bear" the library mascot, giving bear hugs at this summer's reading program.

"On August 16, 1957, the library trustees and the public learned that the late Mrs. Carhart H. Bowlby in her will had bequeathed to the Children's Library Association the use of her home and property on North Richhill Street so long as it continued to maintain a children's library.  The will provided toward growth of the library and toward maintenance and upkeep the net income from a large block of stock in the Universal Cyclops Steel Corporation.  The bequest was to be memorial to Mrs. Bowlby's late husband, Carhart H. Bowlby, and a deceased grandson, Ray Bowlby Connor.  William W. Garrison was named executor.  Mrs. Bowlby's gift opened up for the library a whole period of growth and expansion of services to the community."

Was this bequest a total surprise?  Not really - unexpected, yes, But it was the kind of thing Mrs. Bowlby would do.  To each membership drive she had given a little more than most but a modest sum.  But this wonderful gift showed she had been interested from the first and had watched our progress.  Shrewd business woman, community minded, for years a worker with children in the First Methodist Sunday School and a member of the Green County's mother's assistance board she must have been quietly watching our progress.  Shrewd businesswoman that she was, she could see, with a gift such as hers, what the future of the library could and would be.  It was a great trust she placed in the hands of the people of her town.

The following year the bequest was devoted largely by the trustees working always with Mr. Garrison to preparations for moving into the new Home.

There are 10 hand written pages that Eva's cousin, Sara I. Scott, sent to Audrey A. Huffman back on March 28, 1996.  Her genealogy is listed along with her husband, Carhart Bowlby's, her daughter's obituary, Dorothy Bowlby Connor, and her son-in-law's obituary, Ray L. Connor.  I think he is related to this Audrey Huffman because his parents were David and Sadie Huffman Connor.

Each one of these obituaries tells how they were all community orientated and loved to serve others.

There is an article titled "History of Green County Pa," by Samuel P. Bates  published in 1888 pages 740 and 741.  This article tells the life story of Eva.  Her father, John Kendall, was a furniture dealer, and her grandfather, Samuel Kendall, was a Baptist Minister.  I am not to clear which Mr. Kendall they are talking about as several other names are thrown into the mix, but it says "Mr. Kendall takes quite an active interest in educational matters and is a member of the board of trustees of Monogahela College.  They are both members of the Baptist Church in which Mr. Kendall is a deacon, and has served as teacher and superintendent in the Sabbath School."

Eva Kendall was a school teacher in Wenoa, Illinois.   She came to the Blacksville to visit her mother's sister.  While there she met Carhart Bowlby who lived nearby.  It doesn't say how they met or how long they were engaged, but they were married Nov. 24, 1891.

In the brochure the library first sent about the home of Eva and Carhart a description tells of the structure and the beauty it held.

"The Bowlby home was built at the turn of the century (1900-1905).  It is typical of many of the houses constructed during this period and eclectic is the work most often used to describe the style.  Mr. Rinehart, the contractor, frequently used Gray limestone, which was locally quarried.  Some interesting exterior features are the second story paladin windows, balcony and balustrades.  Also, the third story dormer windows and the stained glass windows which face south and west.

The interior of the building reflects the individualistic tastes of the Bowlbys and their need for a comfortable and inviting home.  It is believed that local craftsmen installed the oak flooring and woodwork.  The handcraft cherry mantle and tile mantles are fine examples of the turn of the centur décor.  The large stained glass window above the staircase leading to the second floor is said to be of the Art Noveau style and was done by a Pittsburgh artisan."

stairway to the second floor with the stained glass window on the landing.

Diana Blair from the Eva K. Bowlby Library has sent me several pictures over the last few months plus all these wonderful articles.  When I saw the beautiful pictures of both inside and outside of this magnificent home, I knew we had to have it on our Memorial page.

I can feel the love that Eva and her family had for their community.  I could see her standing by the fireplace reading a story to her grandchildren.

Then as I looked at other pictures here is little Haley and her great grandmother playing with the library's cat,  my heart was overwhelmed by the generosity of this wonderful lady.

Eva knew that "education" is the key to the success of anyone.  Who better to start an education with than the children.  She taught school and was involved with her community for many years until her death.

I hope when you see these pictures, that you can feel her love as I did.  I have found that our entire family so far, now I know there are exceptions, is dedicated, hardworking, loving, kind, generous, courageous, thoughtful, and good hearted.

Eva Kendall Bowlby was all of these and more.

Maddy Hume
 Doris (McCay) Brozak 5/2001