Bowlby Family Mysteries

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For many months, we were looking for the following:  Lord Samuel Bowlsby (Bowlby) and Lady Grace. Can anyone connect these people as descendants of Richard?

We are delighted to say that thanks to the fact that we have a whole collection of researchers, several of us were involved with uncovering the mystery!  Although there was no Lord Samuel and Lady Grace Bowlsby, the family legand began for probably various interesting reasons!  We are delighted to say we've found the branch descended through Samuel(8)'s daughter, Mary Ann(9) (Bowlsby) who married John Lacey.  Great combination work!  One of the very rewarding reasons we work on this site!!

Mysteries we still ponder:

Wendy McNitt has a good one...

>I am looking for DAVID BOLBY b. 1835 in OHIO.  He married NANCY  PERRINE in 1857 in Butler Co. OH and they moved immediately to El
Paso, Woodford Co., ILL.  They had two children:  WILLIS BOLBY (m. to ALICE R. WILSON) and CORA BOLBY (m. to ? ZINSER).  DAVID BOLBY died in 1881 and NANCY in 1918, both are buried in Evergreen Cemetary in Woodford Co., ILL  I have searched and searched and cannot seem to find parents on either DAVID BOLBY or NANCY PERRINE.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

I do show a Cora W. Bolby, married to a B.F. Zinser according to Raymond's work (In the John (8) section)  However, it indicates that
Cora's father was James Bowlby and mother was James' second wife, Anna V. Poole.  However, Ray indicates that James' first wife was Nancy Evans...

> Linda Muessig has a wonderful collection of family photos which she has kindly shared! Many of these pepper the ancestor's database in the branch which descends from Joseph and Sarah (Melroy) Bowlby. But Linda has a couple of unidentified photos, and we are hoping people might be able to help identify in time...

A. Could this be Sarah Melroy? This is a huge photo of this woman Linda inherited from the Estate of Eva Vliet Lance..... Her Grandmother was Sarah Melroy who married Joseph Bowlby. Could this possibly be her?


B. Anyone know who Laura Pennington was? Was she also known as Laura Augusta Bowlby?

> Barry Burley has also been researching the family in England for many years, and has collected vast amounts of information! But, there remain mysteries that we hope someone may have the answer to...

From Helmsley Parish Register: April 5, 1716. John Conyers and Ann Boulby, both of Helmsley married by license. Their younger son, Richard, was born 13 February 1725. There was an older son named John. Richard studied at Jesus College, Oxford and returned to Helmsley after his ordination about 1746. The Revd. Dr Richard Conyers was Vicar of Helmsley 1756 - 1775 approx.

Richard's paternal grandfather was Robert Conyers but who Richard's maternal grandfather? (Ann Boulby's father?)

> Can anyone help us figure out who these people are? This is a photo copy. We don't who, if anyone, has an original. Lauri Gray-Stoewsand kindly made this contribution. It is entitled, "5th Annual Reunion Bowlby Family at Thomas Grizzel's Home, Ava, Illinois, October 17, 1915." Guess we had a few different Bowlby reunions in the beginning of the century! Perhaps our family communications will be improved with the Internet, and more of our reunions past and present, can be documented for the future.

BTW, Lauri's connection to the family was a mystery, that she is fortunately solving. Raymond Edwin Bowlby lost tracks of the descendants of two daughter's of Samuel Barker Bowlby. Lauri was able to help the family catch up some 5 generations on that line, as she is the product, generations removed, of both!

> John Bowlby m. Rachel Swayze - Several researchers have been trying to nail down this John Bowlby's relationship to the N.J. Bowlby family, and most seem to agree that he was born in the 1760s, and he was probably the first child born to John Bowlby and Catharine Hornbaker. Have you any clues you can add to this information? *Please* send email to