968. Emanuel Parkhill BOWLSBY(5321) (5322)(760) (5323)(5324) (5325)(5326) (5327) Photo was born on 8 Nov 1829 in Newark, Licking Co., OH.(5328) He was born on 8 Nov 1829 in Brownsville, Fayette Co., PA. (5329)(5326) (5329)(5326) He died on 22 Jun 1902 in Pearl, Unita Co., WY.(5330) He died on 22 Jun 1902 in Pearl, Uinta Co., WY. (5331)(5332) (5333)(5334) He was also known as Manuel. He was also known as.

This family spelled BOWLBY with an "S", thus making it BOWLSBY.
According to his biography in the Neligh Leader in Antelope Co., NE, he was born 8 NOV 1815, Brownsville, Fayette Co., PA; however, according to the 1850 census of Gratiot, WI, he was born around 1829 in Ohio. According to his father's biography in the Neligh Leader, Manuel was the third and last child of this family born in Pennsylvania before moving to Newark, OH. Joseph's biography states that his wife died in Lafayette Co., WI in 1833 and that he left his younger children in the care of his son, Manuel; yet, the 1850 census shows Lettice BOWLSBY living there at Gratiot with several children, Manuel being the eldest.
From 1839 to 1864 Manuel rafted lumber on Wisconsin and Black Hawk rivers down as far as St. Louis. This employment became detrimental to his health, so, in 1869, the family traveled by wagon to Tama, NE. In 1871 he filed on government land in Madison Co., NE. On 7 NOV 1879 he made final proof of homestead in Antelope County. In 1900 Manuel left Antelope and removed to Pearl, Uinta Co., WY where he is reported to have died shortly before 1902 at the age of 86 years, seven months and fifteen days, but according to the 1850 census report he must have been considerably younger.

NOTE. The following is a supplement to information in pp. 46 -51
of Sussex County, New Jersey, compiled by R. E. Bowlby 1991.

Probably the third son, of Joseph I. and Lettice (Blair) Bowlsby. According to his biograph y in the Neligh Leader, he was born 8 November, 1815,Brownsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvani a; however, according to, the 1850 census of Gratiot, Wisconsin, he was born around 1829 in O hio, probably Newark in Licking County. According the biographies in the Neligh Leader he wa s the third and last child of this family born in Pennsylvania before moving to Newark, Ohio . After the death of his mother and departure of his father, Emanuel was left with the care o f the younger children in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. He married there on 4 September, 1856 , LYDIA ANN THOMPSON, daughter of John and Lydia Ann (Bennett) Thompson, born in 1834, Gratio t, died 17 October, 1906, near Alcova, Wyoming. Lydia's father, John Thompson, was. the son o f Robert and Mary Rachel (McCoy) Thompson; therefore she was first cousin to Elizabeth Suit s who married Manuel's brother, Samuel, and niece of Samuel Thompson who married Manuel's sis ter, Adeline. Emanuel and Lydia had twelve children; names of eleven are known: Melinda Letti ce, Joseph Wesley, Emanuel "Manuel" Parkhill, Adeline Luella, Lydia Alzina, Mary Agnes, Joh n Franklin, William Crandall, Emma Rachel, Perry Theodore, Philander DeForest. Four childre n of eight died in Wisconsin, the last four were born in Nebraska. From 1839 to 1864, Manuel , rafted lumber on Wisconsin and Black Hawk rivers down as far as St. Louis. In 1869, the fam ily traveled by wagon to Tama County, Iowa. In 1871, he filed on government land in Madison C ounty, Nebraska. On 7 November, 1879, he made final proof of homestead in Antelope County. I n 1900, Manuel left Antelope, and removed to Pearl, Uinta County, Wyoming, where he is report ed to have died 22 June, 1902, at the age of 86 years seven months and fifteen days, but acco rding to, the 1850 census report he must have been some sixteen years younger. Information o n the families descending from this family has been taken for the most part from family sheet s compiled by Mrs. Alan (Emma) Bowlby of Sun City, Arizona, in 1982.

Note: Claude D. Swain
From Judy Lynn [Chapman] Bowlsby, gathered from notes she received from her mother-in-law, Mr s. Alan(Emma) Bowlsby, who copied from a paper found among the notes of A.J. Luch, historia n of Antelope County, Nebraska, found in the Antelope County Nebraska Historical Society, Nel igh, Nebraska and copied July 1968.
Mr. A. J. Luch apparently used the article from William B. LAMBERT that appeared in August o f 1902 in "Neligh Leader", Antelope County, Nebraska for his historian work.
This was not a biography,but a newspaper article written in NE after the death of Emanuel i n WY. No one knows where the author William B Lambert received his information. Later researc h has proven that a large part of this article is not correct.
"According to his biography in the Neligh Leader in Antelope Co., NE, Emanuel was born 8 NO V 1815, Brownsville, Fayette Co., PA."
Because of this article the Birthdate for Emanuel was set as 1815, which is incorrect.
The 1840 census from OH shows that Emanuel was born between 1827-1829
1840 Census Aden, Licking Co.OH
Joseph Bolebee(Bowlsby) Males: 0/5 5/10 10/15 15/20 40/50
1 1 2 11
Females: 0/5 5/10 40/50
1 1 1
(Census Image from Claude D. Swain)
The 1850 census shows Emanuel as 21 years old.
1850 Census, Gratiot, Lafayette Co, WI - p 172 d 79/77
BOWLSBY, Emanuel 21 b OH Day Laborer
Lettice 49 b PA; James 17 b OH Farmer; Sarepeta 15 b OH School;
Adaline 13 b OH School; Joseph 8 b OH School
The correct birth year for Emanuel is 1829.
From the Obit. of Adaline[Bowlsby] Thompson sister of Emanuel “She came to WI when six year s old with her Parents.” Adaline was born 15 Mar 1837.(Moved to WI in 1843)
Emanuel moved to WI 1843 with his parents Joseph and Lettice Bowlsby, not in 1833 as in the a rticle from Mr William B. Lambert
"Manual's mother was Miss Lettice Blair; her mother's maiden name was Parkhill, and she was b orn on the ocean in a sailship." Emanuel’s Mother Lettice(Letty) Parkhill Blair was born i n PA and his Grandmother Lettice(Letty) Parkhill in Ireland.
ROBERT BLAIR, born in Dublin, Ireland, c1750, died in Franklin Twp, Fayette Co, Pa Jan. 8, 18 39. He was married to LETTY (LETTICE) PARKHILL born in Ireland c1760. Soon after his marriag e he came to America and settled in Delaware, and then to Franklin Twp., Fayette Co., Pa.
John Blair, born 13 Oct 1785, PA - Margaret ?.
JAMES BLAIR, born April 16, 1793 in Franklin Twp. PA - Rhoda Rittenhouse Fayette,PA..
Samuel Blair.
Letty(Lettice) Blair (1801),PA - Joseph I. Bowlsby.
Rebeccah Blair.
Polly(Mary)Blair (1804?).
Sarah M.Blair (1807-Aug 8 1888) - Henry Stevenson.

Note: From Deanna and Dewey Bowlsby
When Emanuel came to Wyoming he refused to ride the train for he just knew going Forty mph i t would suck the air out of his lungs. So they took the wagon. His wife died on her way to Wy oming and is buried in Alcova.
Arthur "Banty" Bowlsby said Lydia smoked a corn cob pipe.

He was married to Lydia Ann THOMPSON on 4 Sep 1856 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI. (5335)(5336) (5337) (5338) Judy Bowlsby's notes indicate they were married 4 April 1852.

Judy Bowlsby's notes indicate they were married 4 April 1852. Lydia Ann THOMPSON(5339) (5340) (5326)(5327) Photo was born in 1839 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.(5341) (5342) She died on 17 Oct 1906 in Alcova, Natrona Co. WY.(5343) (5344)

Note: From Claude D. Swain
The death date of 17 Oct 1906 can come in question for Lydia Ann Thompson due to the Land Pat ent, from WWW.glorecords.bim.gov.
Serial #:WYWYAA015170
BLM Serial #:WYWYAA015170
State: Wyoming
Patentee Name: Lydia Ann Bowlsby
Document #:1211
Issue Date: 27 May 1907
Acres: 160
It is possible that the death date was 1907. Emanuel Parkhill BOWLSBY and Lydia Ann THOMPSON had the following children:

child+2358 i. Malinda Lettice BOWLSBY.
child2359 ii. Joseph Wesley BOWLSBY(5345) (5326)(5327) was born on 9 Mar 1859 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI. (5326) He died on 15 Aug 1883 in Neligh, Antelope Co., NE. He was buried on 16 Aug 1883 in Laurel Hill, Neligh, Antelope County, NE. (5346) Notes from Cindy Turner, Bennett Family research WI. Cat@mcn.net
Thank you Cindy
The following is a poem by Andrew Peck Bennett about the death of Wesley; the last verse i s missing, as it was unable to be transcribed due to the wear of the scrapbook it was in . Sounds like Wesley died just before his wedding--I find the poem very touching.
The author was 'self-educated', attending school until age 10 when and if he was able!
By A. P. Bennett

Friend Wesley Bowlsby is no more;
His sufferings in this life are o¹er;
His years scarce number twenty-five;
His heart was kind and free while alive.

No more his pleasant voice we hear,
No more his words our hearts can cheer,
But so it is, we know not why
That he so soon was called to die.

Just in the prime of youthful life,
Expected soon to take a wife,
A lady, young, both smart and neat
To make the needs of life complete.

Two quarter sections of good land,
A new frame house and team on hand.
Much breaking had already been done,
Which made his start quite well begun.

His constitution being strong
He might expect to live quite long
But when disease did seize on him,
Soon cheeks grew pale and eyes grew dim.

In two short weeks his body lay
In it¹s cold bed of earthly clay,
While memory lasts we¹ll ne¹er forget
His kindness to the friends he met.

His numerous friends were left to mourn,
The loss they felt has been well bourne
But each will hold his memory dear
Until the close of life draws near.
[Apparently at least one more verse was written but it is so torn in the old scrap book fro m which it is copied that none is readable......D.P.B.]

Joseph Wesley BOWLSBY is the grand nephew of Andrew Peck BENNETT. Their common ancestors ar e John BENNETT and Rachel PECK.
child2360 iii. Manuel Parkhill BOWLSBY(5347) (5327) was born on 13 Sep 1860 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.(5348) He died on 4 Jun 1867 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.(5349) He was buried on 5 Jun 1867 in Kingsley Church Cem, Lafayette County, WI.(5350)
child+2361 iv. Adeline Luella BOWLSBY.
child2362 v. Lydia Alzina BOWLSBY(5351) (5327) was born on 16 Aug 1865 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.(5352) She died on 16 Mar 1867 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co, WI.(5353) She was buried on 17 Mar 1867 in Kingsley Church Cem, Lafayette Co, WI. (5354)
child2363 vi. Mary Agnes BOWLSBY(5355) (5327) was born on 16 Feb 1868 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.(5356) She died on 3 Jul 1869 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.(5357) She was buried on 4 Jul 1869 in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI. (5358)
child+2364 vii. John Franklin BOWLSBY.
child+2365 viii. William Crandell BOWLSBY.
child+2366 ix. Emma Rachel BOWLSBY.
child+2367 x. Perry Theodore BOWLSBY.
child+2368 xi. Philander Deforest BOWLSBY.