Hampton Cemetery, Hampton, New Jersey

In the heart of Hampton (which doesn't even have a downtown, it's so small) at the foot of a "V" where Main and Skillman intersect.  It is unfortunately terribly overgrown and neglected and one could easily miss it; it's situated behind a house which used to be a church, probably Baptist.

This Cemetery listing has been made available due to the fine efforts in August 1998, by Brian Gardner for his Eagle Scout Project. Brian donated his efforts to the Lebanon Township Museum. The  Museum has kindly shared this information with us, and has given permission for us to make this available to everyone. Please, if you have found this listing helpful, consider making a donation to:

Township of Lebanon Museum
57 Musconetcong River Road
Hampton, NJ 08827
(908) 537-6464

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Musconetcong Valley Cemetery A B C D E-F G H-I J-K L M N O-Q R S T U-V W X-Z and unknown
Last Name First Name Site Date of Birth Date of Death Aged Other Other Other
Apgar Lizzie 4I illeg. 10 mos & 1 day Gone Home
Apgar Charles A. 8E 1860 1896
Baly Rena M. 1G July 22, 1856 2 days daughter of Phillip A. Baly and Sarah D. Baly
Baty Phillip A. 6I May 23, 1822 Aug. 28, 1882
Baty Sarah D. 7I July 3, 1868 36 years 10 mos 22 days wife of Phillip A. Baty
Baty Willie 10I July 7, 1871 May 30, 1872
Berry Emily 4F Sept. 11, 1888 April 1, 1896
Boaz Mary E. 8C 1844 1932 Wife of John M. Warman
Bowlby Abbie A. 1J Oct. 13, 1888 47 years & 3 months wife of Jacob R. Walters
Children 5H (front of stone)
Couch George H. 2B Apr-02 D
Couch George H. 3C 31-Oct-01 31 years and 33 days In memory of
Dilts Jane 3I October 17, 1890 73 years wife of Charles Tharp illeg. inscription
Fallen Headstone 9J
Father and Mother 6H (Front of stone)
Frederick Jane Thur (illeg.) 11I (illeg.) 3, (illeg.) June (illeg.) 1863 19 yrs 2 mos 13 days
Fulper Jacob 3J 1812 1888
Fulper Mary Ann 3J 1816 1905
Garrison Paul C. 3A 1891 1956
Garrison Mercey F. Hann 3A 1893 1966 His wife
German Jethro 2F 4-Jul-10 Co. K3F Reg. NJ vol.
German Edward 1H Apr. 1, 1858 April 29, 1898
Gerrard David 6H Feb. 28, 1923 32 years 9 months2 days (right side of stone) Private Co 12 NJ Cav
Gerrard David 6H Aug. 10, 1887 15 years 9 months (keft side of stone)
Goldsworthy James 5D July 30, 1822 Sept 29, 1893 71 yrs. 1 mo. & 29 days
Hann John 1A 1852 1920 At Rest
Hann Margaretta Milburn 1A 1848 1918 At Rest His Wife
Hann Mercey F. 3A 1893 1966 His wife
Hoppock Mary A. 3G March 16, 1852 Sept. 4, 1882
Hotrom Rhoda 10J 1855 1886
Hubert Charles H 11H June 16, 1885 6 yrs 11 mo. (illeg.) son of A JR H O Hubert
Lannings Mary D. 4E Feb. 18, 1824 Feb. 8, 1895 wife of Jacob D. Shrore
Milburn Margaretta 1A 1848 1918 At Rest His Wife
Milburn Elizabeth 13H 1862 1920 wife of Lycurgus Milburn Milburn
Missing headstone 11J
Missing headstone 9E
Missing headstone 1F
Missing headstone 7H
Missing headstone 8H
Missing headstone 9H
Missing headstone 10H
Mowrey, Sr. Wm. F. 2A 1900 1946 Father Hampton Fire Dept. #1
no info no info 5I Husband and children I must leave you. Leave yes, leave you all alone But my blessed savior calls me Calls me to a heavenly home. Top of this gravestone is broken off.
Osborn James 7C
Peacher Edmond R. 3F Dec. 1, 1911 89 years Col 18 Reg PA Vol.
Penwick Howard 12H May 21, 1880
Penwick Frances 12H (Illeg.)
Rackley William 6C 1867 1941
Rackley Cynthia 6C 1861 19
Readle George 10I June 11, 1861 1 year 5 mos 26 ds Son of Ludwig & (illeg.) Readle
Rinehart Mary E. 2B
Rinehart Margaret H. 3B Aug. 18, 1910 70 yrs.
Rinehart William 3E Feb 10, 1867
Rinehart Albert T. 3G
Rinehart Mary A. Hoppock 3G April 15, 1850 19-May-17
Rinehart (Their son) 3G Nov. 10, 1882 Nov. 14, 1898 son of Albert T. Rinehart and Mary A. Hoppock Rinehart F. C. B. Rinehart ( on bottom of stone)
Shrope Elmira 7C Nov. 14, 1914 Wife of James Osborn
Shrore Mary D. Lannings 4E Feb. 18, 1824 Feb. 8, 1895 wife of Jacob D. Shrore
Snyder Rovannah 4A 1883 1884
Snyder Valentine 6A Sept. 15, 1911 73 years Co. F. 128 Reg. PA Vol.
Squires Moses 8I July 28, 1865
Squires Eliza A. 8I Oct. 6, 1825 Feb. 2, 1902 Wife of Moses Squires
Squires RA (illeg.) B 9I April 11, 1861 28 years 2 mos and 23 days Wife of Moses W. Squires
Stires Catherine 4J March 13, 1878 83 years 2 mos and 26 days wife of Abraham Stires meet me in heaven
Stires Abraham 5J June 13, 1860 73 years 10 mo. & 7 days
Stone face down 1E
Stone face down 5E
Stone face down 7E
Storr Annie E. 6E June 10, 1886 40 yrs 5 months and 15 days wife of John R. Tharp
Teats Susan 13J Jan 24, 1841 24-Apr-17
Terriberry Martha H. 13I Aug. 1, 18(illeg.) 5 Dec. 5, 1860
Terriberry Mar (illeg) RRT 14I Husband of Martha Terriberry(illeg.)
Terriberry John S. 2J (iilleg.) (illeg.) (illeg.)
Terriberry Alfred M. 8J Dec. 25, 18 (illeg.) Apr. 19, 1883 son of Nathan & Margart Terriberry Beloved son
Tharp Charles 2I August 18, 1877 85 years 10 mos 7 days illeg. inscription on bottom
Tharp Jane Dilts 3I October 17, 1890 73 years wife of Charles Tharp illeg. inscription
Tharp Annie E. Storr 6E June 10, 1886 40 yrs 5 months and 15 days wife of John R. Tharp
Tomey John C. 4C Dec. 7, 1884 Aug. 8, 1887
Tomey Margaret R 4C March 23, 1843 Aug. 8, 1881 wife of John Tomey unreadable inscription
unreadable 4B
unreadable 5B
unreadable 5C
unreadable 9C
unreadable 10C
unreadable 11C
unreadable 6J
unreadable 7J
Unreadable 2H
unreadable 3H
unreadable 4H
unreadable Stewart H. 5H Feb. 14, 1877 5 nmonths 24 days (right side of stone)
unreadable 5H (left side of stone)
W 15J
Walters Abbie A. Bowlby 1J Oct. 13, 1888 47 years & 3 months wife of Jacob R. Walters
Warman John M. 8C 1842 1929
Warman Mary E. Boaz 8C 1844 1932 His Wife
Warman John S. 4D June 28, 1866 Dec. 30, 1896 28 years 6 mo. & 3 days Father
Warman Emma B. 6D March 3, 1864 July 27, 1883 wife of John W. OpdykeThrough all pain of (illeg) illeg.) of heavenly (illeg.) And when the angels call (illeg.) She (illeg.) farewell (illeg.)
Warman James C. 1I 1836 1906
Warman Elizabeth 1I 1837 1900 Warman (on top of the stone) His wife
Warman James E. 2G (illeg.) (illeg.) (illeg.)
Warman Edith (illeg.) 4G June 22, 1891 10 years and 1 day
Warwick Rosa W 1B 1857 1911
Warwick Lewis 1B 1852 1929
Wilborn 14J
Young Whitfield D. 12I Our Pappa
Margaretta A. 5A Nov. 28, 1921 80 years His wife
S J T 1C
N T 2C
Nanice 3D Illeg. 1910 8 yrs 13 days Son of illeg.