Musconetcong Valley Cemetery, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

On Asbury Road (near Main Street, between Hampton and Asbury).

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Last Name First Name Site Date of Birth Date of Death Aged Other1 Other
Tamson 104-4 Illegible
Taryonas Anthony 2-R23-1 1923
Taryonas Lois 2-R23-1 1930
Taylor Henry 287-2 1847 1934 Husband of Susan Taylor
Taylor Susan 287-2 1848 1926 Wife of Henry Taylor
Taylor Ellen 22-1 partially illegible
Taylor Richard W. 172 1834 1911
Tedesco Basil 90-2 1894 Husband of Frances
Tedesco Frances 90-2 1883 1966 Wife of Basil
Thomson Robert C. 250-1 1842 1923
Thomson Melinda Barber 250-1 1849 1921
Thomson Lola M. 250-2 1871 1952
Thomson Bertha M. 250-3 1880 1964
Thomson Jennie B. 250-4 1875 1953 Wife of Walter J. Crater
Tipton Andy R. 279-5 1872 1911 Peace Be Thine
Todd Louise U. 249-3 1900 1977
Todd Sherwood G. 249-4 1890 1870
Todd William S. 249-6 1925 1985
Todd Stephen L. 2-R22-1 3-May-14 Sept. 5, 1994 Footer Septhan L. Todd S SGT US Army, World War II Brother
Todd Elizabeth C. 2-R22-1 Jan. 14, 1917 Sister
Tomb L. James 98-1 1894 1968 US War Vet Flag Husband of Edith A.
Tomb Edith A. 98-1 1897 1979 Wife of L. James
Tomer Florence S. Riddle 140-5 1890 1938 Married name Tomer
Tomey William 191-1 Sept. 4, 1911
Tomey 191-2 Family Marker
Tomey James M. 191-3 1871 1939 Husband of May E. Fritts
Tomey May E. Fritts 191-4 1876 1948 Wife of James M. Tomey
Transue Gerald B. 1-R2-5 1911 1969 Husband of Alice L. Conroy
Transue Alice L. 1-R2-5 1914 nee Conroy Wife of Gerald B.
Transue Reuben 178 April 25, 1852 March 17, 1899 Husband of Amanda Lake Father of Charles Footstone- Father
Transue Charles 178 Nov. 27, 1875 March 13, 1898 Son of Reuben & Amanda Transue
Transue Amanda Lake 178 April 26, 1853 24-Jun-26 Wife of Reuben Transue Mother of Charles Footstone- Mother
Transue Anna M. Bogart 183-6 Wife of John A. Transue
Trout Arthur Slater 148-1 1891 1919 Husband of Florence Smith Footstone- Father
Trout Florence Smith 148-1 1889 1935 Wife of Arthur Slater Trout Footstone-Mother
Trout Jeremiah Henry 148-1 1910 Son Husband of Julia Ann Becker
Trout Julia Ann Becker 148-1 1913 1993 Wife of Jeremiah Henry Trout
Trout Mary M 305-1 1902 1982 This engraving is on the back of the stone Kinney (on front of Stone)
Trout Rox D. 305-1 1905 1990 This engraving is on the back of the stone Kinney (on front of Stone)
Tunison Elizabeth Lake 117-4 April 20, 1817 April 10, 1893 Wife of Jacob Tunison At Rest Footstone #117-6 - E.T.

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